Aqualibrium is a soft pouf on which you can sit or lay on relax. It’s ideal for outdoor: hotels, gardens, premises and dued to its buoyancy, it can be used in pools and beaches.
Aqualibrium is realized in soft polyethylene in rotational moulding and is available in different colours. It may be lighted up thanks to a removable and reloadable lamp.

Project description

Aqualibrium is a product developed in 2005 with Roplast, a rotomolding firm that produces big tanks for chemicals. In the industrial linings sector, like those used in tanker trucks, we identified a particularly interesting geometry. The idea was then to exploit the opportunity to modify an existing industrial component to produce cheap molds and with them an element of outdoor furniture.
By exploiting the times and motions of rotomolding we succeeded, with the help of technicians, in finding a way to create a special low density polyline which, thanks to the surface finish of the mold, created a special soft textured surface. The footrest was kept in the mold by an inflatable interior which enabled us to vary its softness and make an unsinkable product. The footrest was fitted with a removable and rechargeable light to illuminate it at night, even on the water.

TYPOLOGY: lighting and buoyant pouf

COMPANY: Roplast spa, Stileplastico

DATE: 2005

Avverati – A dream Come True 2007, Milano

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