Kuno Prey brought together a group of designers from around the world, asked to invent and cook new forms and flavors. The result was extremely interesting, a catalog/recipe book and the Pappilan exhibition.
At the exhibition Kuno donned an apron and made the cookies one by one.
Our project was very simple, a flat tea biscuit with a small raised corner to make it easy to pick up.

TYPOLOGY: biscuit

COMPANY: Libera Università di Bolzano

DATE: 2003

2003 Exhibit in Bolzano
2004 Exhibit in Milano – “Fuori Salone”
2004 Exhibit in St. Etienne – Biennale du Design
2004 Exhibit in Amsterdam – Binnen Gallery
2004 Exhibit in Budrio – Tienda de flores Flora2000

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