The Dandelion lamp just looks like a Taraxacum with its fluffy seed ball that it easily blown away with just one puff and it is borne of a thin and flexible stalk that seems to be swaying in the air. The lighting unit consists of a ball of transparent flutes diffusing the LED-generated light. It is available in floor lamp and hanging lamp versions.

Project description

Looking at a Hermes advert, with a dandelion stem bending in the wind, led to the idea for a supple lamp born on a stem. Why should a lamp necessarily express solidity and power? Why not express the delicacy of the light and shade, the unstable balance of nature, the disproportion of the head to the stem, bending in the wind? The light resembles a dandelion “clock”, which can be dispersed with a breath. It is set on a slender, supple stem and seems to sway lightly in the air.
The light source in the first version was even lighter because we conceived it in terms of optical fibers which would exactly reproduce the form and buoyancy of a dandelion. But when we tried to bend them after making a small mold, a lot of the fibers broke and this was unacceptable. So we decided to replace the tuft of optical fibers with a polycarbonate tube. The lamp was produced in 2004 by Tecnodelta.

TYPOLOGY: higth efficency LED lamp

COMPANY: Tecnodelta

DATE: 2005

MoMa (NYC) Permanent Collection;
Triennale Design Museum – “the new Italian design” 2007;
Triennale Design Museum – “L’anima sensibile delle cose”;
Avverati – A dream Come True 2007, Milano.

ID Award_lighting 2009


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