The super flat cook top Sat is based on a brand new thin burner generating one circular fire.
Sat is characterized from 3 hemispheric reliefs to 120° round to every fire – directly obtained moulding the main steel top – supporting the pots without using the grill (the more difficult element to clean up). A graphic satin-finished natural mapping clear immediately the control-fire correspondence.
On 60x60cm model is possible to remove the two right burners and replace them with one elliptic burner for fish cooking.

Project description

This hob designed in 1998 was our first commission for Whirlpool. A friend, Marco Poma, for whom we had done some consultancy work on the environmental impact of products, knew of our urge to design and not just assess appliances, so he got us to work at this product on a small budget he had managed to scrape together, since the project had already been handed to a well-known Dutch designer a few days before.
Four weeks later we came up with this product, among a lot of other bright ideas, such as eliminating the grid, which is inconvenient and has to be kept clean.
The new burner consists of a thin central plate and three hemispherical projections in relief angled at 120°, derived directly from the molding of the basic steel plate of the hob. The burner is flat and spreads the flame with long rays but along the circumference with a continuous ring of flame. There is an immediate correspondence between flame and control due to natural graphic mapping produced by the satin-finish surface.
In the 60 x 60 cm version the two right-hand burners can be removed and replaced with a single elliptical burner for cooking fish.
The design was recognized by Whirlpool as the best concept of 1999. The occasion enabled us to meet Richard Eisermann, who later commissioned Pulse from us.

TYPOLOGY: cook top

COMPANY: Whirlpool Europe

DATE: 1998

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