TAO 3×2

Tao is a bookshelf module. It reduces material consumption: positive and negative derive from a unique steel sheet cutting and then assembled one with the other. In side by side version the interspace design a third module. The modules can be wall fixed in horizontal, in vertical or in diagonal, back to back hanging form the ceiling or simply on a desk or on the floor.

Project description

In 1998 for the Galleria Colombari we designed a small bentwood bookcase module. The design was intriguing: the two slabs are the positive and negative made by cutting out a single slab and joining them together. This little idea reduces the consumption of material. When the two shapes are set next to each other the cavity forms a third. The forms can be anchored to the wall horizontally, vertically or diagonally or set back to back suspended from the ceiling or be simply self-supporting.
With this module we participated in the exhibition “Weird and wired” curated by Stefano Casciani at the Arengario in Milan in 1999.

TYPOLOGY: Bookshelf module

COMPANY: deepdesign self production

DATE: 1998

Wired&Wired, Palazzo Reale Milano 1999

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