Two shells with a curvilinear profile can be rolled alternately one on the back of the other and then snapped closed either to right or left by a cross binding made of strips of natural or synthetic fabric. The fabric doubles as the hinge itself.

Project description

The idea came from a children’s toy. A series of pieces of wood are linked together by bands of colored fabric. Wings Is a screen composed by two curved shells (wood or alluminium frame) covered by fabric or syntethic net. Connection between them is guaranteed by three stripes of fabric or syntethic net (each one 1/3 of the complete height) alternatively fixed with the internal or external side of both shells. No hinge between them but only a cross binding allows that being a shell in a fix position the other one shall roll around it from left to right side and viceversa. In case of fabric covering could be interesting use a double face graphic in order to show each side depending on the movement of shells.

COMPANY: deepdesign self-produced

DATE: 2002

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